Multi Service App: On-demand Services at Users Fingertips

Multi Service App

If you have always dreamt of owning a business and ruling your region’s economy, then, Gojek Clone multi service app is for you. It is a super app that offers 101+ out-of-the-box services such as taxi booking, parcel delivery, food delivery, buying properties, selling cars, and more.

Sounds intriguing right? Well, this blog will walk you through some of the many services that you can offer with this single app.

101+ Mind-blowing Services of Gojek Clone

Enlisting 101+ services can be a little tough but the blog explains the seven top-notch and freshly added service components of the app.

Besides, the blog also mentions the other important services that make it a super app, for real!

The basic components are taxi booking, on-demand delivery, parcel delivery, on-demand services, online video consultation, service bidding, and delivery Genie and Runner.

Now, let’s look at the seven exceptionally amazing services that will want you to invest in this app right away.

Buy, sell, & rent properties

With this app, your customers can now buy, sell, and rent properties including apartments, industrial buildings, villas, farmhouses, and more.

Users can list their properties easily and buyers/renters can then connect with them. This online service prevents the hassles of paying commissions to a middleman.

Moreover, to promote the listing as ‘Featured’ and gain more visibility, users can buy paid plans available on the app.

Buy, sell, & rent cars

Gojek Clone app also makes it possible for users to buy, sell, and rent sports cars, luxurious cars, hatchbacks, SUVs, etc.

Listing the vehicle on the app and directly dealing with the renter or buyer saves the cost of paying commissions to the middleman.

Additionally, buying a paid plan can also help users to boost the visibility of their listing on the app and attract more leads.

Buy, sell, & rent general items

By posting the ad for general items like electronics, lawn & garden tools, furniture, etc., users can quickly find genuine leads.

On the other hand, buyers and renters don’t have to pay commissions to a middleman to find a relevant item that they want.

Since the item owners and the buyers/renters are directly dealing with one another, the trade will always be fair.

On-demand medical services

The Gojek Clone KINGX PRO super app also enables registered users to fetch and book on-demand medical services.

This single component alone integrates multiple medical services such as booking an ambulance, online video consultation with doctors, ordering medicines, and booking services at the nearby clinic/pet’s pet.

Every medical service can be booked with just one click. Also, users can choose to pay for the services online and prevent the hassles of withdrawing and paying in cash.

Track family members & employees

Tracking family members and employees enables users to make sure that they are safe.

To start tracking a person, the user needs to install the tracking app on their (other user’s) phone and link it with the KINGX PROthat they are using.

As soon as both apps are linked, the user can start tracking the live location of their loved one or the employees in the field on the map.


Carpooling is one of the other cool services of Gojek Clone multi service app. Here, a user can offer ride-sharing services to their peers for a price they set.

In brief, the user can post about the ride, time, price per seat, route, etc., on the app and those who want to travel to the same destination can book the ride.

All they need to do is find a suitable ride, choose the number of seats they want, and book them!

Explore nearby businesses

App users can now find businesses nearby their current location with this super app. They can pin their current location and find cafes, malls, gyms, salons, etc., near them.

Additionally, they can call the selected business, book a taxi to reach there, order online from the store, or simply view ongoing discounts/offers at the business.

Multi Service App Solution:

Any entrepreneur who wants to build their empire easily and quickly needs to try out the Gojek Clone Multi Service App.

This all-in-one app solution is the best way to make more money without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Well, your chances of becoming the quickest billionaire in your region elevate too. So, why waste your time when you can get the free demo trial today?