Transform diverse business concepts into components with Gojek Clone


When you create your own app, you must devote all of your time and resources to its design and coding. When you consider creating the software from scratch, this occurs. You may quickly launch the multi service business in one week using a pre-built app and without spending money on it. A ready-made Gojek Clone app aids business owners in establishing their enterprises swiftly.

Start by using the sample app if you intend to deploy the app for your company. You can decide if the app is the best option for your company after using the demo version.

Ask the Project Manager to incorporate the essential service elements of Gojek Clone into your app as soon as you have the ideal solution in your hands.

But, before diving into the details, checkout what Gojek-like app really is.

What is a Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone is a multi-service app that offers several services to users on demand. The app helps businesses easily expand their operations and reach a larger audience.

This on-demand app allows business owners to make money in the form of commissions earned from every service booking.

Using this app, your users can register to book taxis, order stuff from stores near them, hire professional service providers, send parcels, and so much more.

Reading this might have intrigued the inner budding entrepreneur in you, right?

See what latest multiple services can you offer to your users in this single application.

Novel Multi-services Business Ideas to Explore Using Gojek Clone

It must be updated on time if you want to stay in the race.

You can help yourself become the largest Multi-services app provider in the On-demand Industry by launching a Gojek Clone App with creative business ideas that have been put into components.

Check out these crucial and useful components to swiftly build your brand, maintain a consistent revenue stream, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Buy, sell, and rent real-estate

This fantastic new feature enables your users to explore uncharted real estate waters.

Now, customers of your app may easily buy or sell real estate. When users publish information on these assets, they can use the app to immediately contact those who are interested.

A free plan or a premium pack may be made available for publishing by the administrator. From the paid plan bundles, the app’s owner will make a sizable profit.

Buy, sell and rent cars

Similar to how it works for real estate, users of this app module can post their information when selling/renting purposes.

Users must sign up for a free or premium subscription to publish or submit these details. The app admin shall enjoy the profits greatly from this.

Buy, sell and rent general items

Similar to the buy, sell, and rent property and cars components of the app, this module allows the users to list common things like furniture, appliances, and more for a set period of time.

These objects also function according to the planning scheme.


Individuals who want to provide car rides and car-sharing services can sign up for your app and upload information about their travel plans, including their schedule, empty seats, and travel time.

They can also specify the cost per seat. Customers who want to use these services can search the app and view information about the different rides available in order to reserve a seat.

Peer to Peer Car Pooling refers to a system where rides are supplied by regular car owners rather than licensed taxi drivers.

Vehicle Owners can charge per seat, and you, the App One, can charge a commission for each seat that is booked through the App.

Explore nearby businesses

You might think of this app function as a modernized Yellow Pages. This will help your users locate nearby businesses.

For instance, if a user has to seek a specific type of business while on a road trip, they can do it using the app.

The app administrator can decide whether to promote these businesses for free or to charge a fee to feature them on the app.

Medical services

Receive medical assistance with just a few taps on your smartphone. It is a comprehensive healthcare solution that features everything from medical appointments, pharmacy delivery, Vet services, Nurses, Ambulance services, etc.

Your users can now take online appointments for walk-in or in-person, and schedule online video consultations. They can pay from in-app payment methods and leave feedback.

Track your family members

These are the times when it is crucial to monitor your loved ones to make sure they are secure.

With this function, your users may view the current location of their family members directly within the app.

You can use this function to follow your employees’ whereabouts on a Google Map.

Further, you should also know you must choose only the best pre-built Gojek-like app for your online business.

1. You can launch 101+ businesses on less budget

By launching the app in your region, you will enable users to book more than 101 services.

Under a single roof, your users will be able to book taxi rides, order stuff from nearby stores, video consult with professionals, book on-demand services, send parcels, etc.

Moreover, users can now buy, sell, and rent properties, cars, and general items. They can also track family members & employees in real time, carpool, book on-demand medical services, and explore businesses near their location.

2.     You don’t need to hire an entire team

The Gojek Clone App that you launch will be a ready-made solution. In simpler words, you will no longer have to spend your money on hiring, training, and retaining employees.

You just need to approach a white-labeling firm and purchase the solution. Rest, the team of experts at the firm will do everything on their own.

After you purchase the solution, the experts will rebrand the app, and integrate the payment gateway, languages, currencies, features, etc. that you want. In short, they will customize your app and launch it under your accounts on iOS and Android App Stores. 

3.     You get a fully-featured application

If you think that you will receive only a single application in the purchased solution then, you are mistaken!

You will get a complete business solution that will include iOS & Android apps for users, providers, and stores. In addition, they will provide KIOSK apps, a website, an admin panel, and so much more.

All of these solutions will be fully featured. Simply put, your users will be able to book the service, track it in real-time, get promotional notifications, view pricing, etc.

OTP verification, wallet-to-wallet transfer, credit card management, biometric login, and scheduling services are a few of the many features of the app.

4.     You get the freedom to decide the commission rates

The best part of owning the Gojek Clone App is that you can decide how much you want to earn.

As the app owner, you can decide the commission rate for each service you offer on the app.

For example, you can set a commission rate of 10% on moto rides, 12% on beauty services, 15% on video consultations, etc.

Therefore, depending on the commission rates that you set, you will make money on every service booked via your app. 

5.     Start a multi service business anywhere in the world

Owning an online business frees you from the constraints of location-related restrictions. Suppose you launch your app in New York City. Now, in a few months, you decide to take your business to Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

Well, you can easily expand the business to any country or city you want without worrying about building a separate application!

Final Thoughts

Creating an application doesn’t require starting from scratch. Hiring a White-labelled app development company with years of experience would help you much. Using the framework you choose, they develop app features and then adapt them to your needs.

Be sure the business you’re employing has experience creating Super Apps. Look for reviews and ratings from previous customers on Google. Find out about their level of technical competence and how well-versed in customer requirements their team is.

If you wish to begin, get in touch with the experts straight now. With expert’s bespoke app development services, you can quickly create and release your on-demand delivery app in less than couple of weeks.