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What is a Gojek Clone Script?

Gojek Clone script is an on demand app with over 101+ services users can book or schedule as per their needs. These on-demand services include taxi booking, food delivery, parcel delivery, service bidding, online video consultations, and at-home services.

An app enables owners like you to grow and expand businesses, make tremendous profits, and own 101+ businesses with a single app.

Overall, Multi-Service platform is a budget-friendly investment for an entrepreneur and the key to making a fortune in just one to two weeks.

10+ years experience


1200+ projects delivered


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95% client retention ratio


Why Is Our Gojek Clone Script #1?

Today, users want an all-in-one solution that provides convenience with one tap. Our Gojek Clone Script is designed and coded to deliver top-notch services to customers 24X7, perform smoothly on every mobile device, and provide an excellent management system to admins. In addition to delivering high-quality products for your business and tremendous profit-earning, we also extend the best after-sales support, 10+ years of experience, affordability, and a quick time to market.

Gojek Clone Script Components

Gojek Clone is an all-in-one app with 14 components under one hood. You may not have seen such an impressive app, and we bet you never will! Look at all the 14 service components you get to integrate.

  • Taxi booking

    Taxi booking

    Users can book Uber-like taxi services like taxi pooling and renting a cab.

  • On-demand deliveries

    On-demand deliveries

    Users can order food, groceries, flowers, etc., online and get doorstep deliveries.

  • Parcel delivery

    Parcel delivery

    Users can send parcels like documents, cement bags, furniture, and more within the city.

  • On-demand services

    On-demand services

    Your users can hire professional service providers like beauticians, car washers, mechanics, etc., and get same-day services.

  • Online video consultation

    Online video consultation

    Your users can video consult with lawyers, tutors, astrologers, and other professionals from the comfort of their homes.

  • Bid for service

    Users can post tasks for handymen in their area, get bids from them in real-time, and hire them easily.

  • Hire a genie and runner

    Hire a genie and runner

    Your users can hire a delivery Genie who will fetch things and deliver them to the user’s doorstep or a Runner who will run errands on their behalf.

  • Buy, sell, & rent properties

    Buy, sell, & rent properties

    Your users can buy, sell, or rent residential apartments, industrial buildings, villas, showrooms, and more by posting a detailed listing on the app.

  • Buy, sell, & rent cars

    Buy, sell, & rent cars

    Your users can buy, sell, or rent luxurious cars, hatchbacks, SUVs, sports cars, and others by posting a detailed listing on the app.

  • Buy, sell, & rent general items

    Buy, sell, & rent general items

    Your users can buy, sell, or rent furniture, electronics, sports equipment, and other items by posting a detailed listing on the app.

  • Car Pool

    Car Pool

    Registered users can post details of their rides and allow other users to carpool with them. They can charge other users per seat they book and earn money.

  • On-demand medical services

    On-demand medical services

    Your users can book an ambulance, online video consultation with a doctor, order medicines, and book an appointment with a medical expert.

  • Track family members & employees

    Track family members & employees

    Users can track the live location of their family members and employees on the map.

  • Explore nearby businesses

    Explore nearby businesses

    Users can find cafes, salons, gyms, libraries, etc. near them. They can also call the business, order online, book a taxi, and much more.

Multiple Solutions Within One Gojek Clone Package

Don’t worry about building a multi-service platform from scratch! Our Gojek Clone Script offers a complete package of multiple solutions in one.

  • Customer or User App

    Customer App

    A fully-featured user app enables quick service booking, scheduling, tracking, payments, and more.

  • Store Owner App

    Store Owner App

    Store owners can now manage their orders, inventory, partners, delivery drivers, etc., with one robust app.

  • Partner or Driver App

    Service Provider / Driver App

    Delivery drivers, beauticians, doctors, and other partners can use the app independently and manage their services/orders, payments, profiles, and more.

  • Store Owner Panel

    Store Owner Panel

    The web panel for stores makes it easy for store owners to manage their online orders, inventory, delivery assignments, etc.

  • Customer / User Panel

    Customer/User Panel

    The web panel for users enables them to book and manage the services if they aren’t operating the mobile app.

  • Admin Panel

    Admin Panel

    The robust admin panel helps to manage the entire business from one platform, get advanced reports, handle manual bookings, and a lot more.

Graphical Flow

Graphical Flow

Gojek Clone offers 101+ services under one roof. Wondering how all of these services are booked with just a few taps on the screen? Check the detailed workflow here.

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User App Main Screen User App

User App

Your users will be able to access all the services right from this app. To book a service, they need to select the category, find a suitable provider or items they want, go to the checkout screen, select the payment method, and book the service.

The comprehensive list of 14 components offers a variety of services to customers, which they can also track easily in real-time. The user app is designed to run smoothly on iOS and Android devices.

The user app comes loaded with advanced features like easy sign-up, rating & reviews, log-in with biometric authentication, voice note instructions, and more!

Try the demo app to see how the Gojek Clone User App works on your mobile device.

App Step By Step Flow

User Panel

The user panel works on desktops and even mobiles. Through this well-designed and seamless panel, your users can order food, book a taxi, schedule an on-demand service, and more. It is best for users who cannot access their app but still wish to book a service online and skip the hassles of manual booking.

The panel is also integrated with the latest features that help users to repeat their orders, customize them, check the order history, edit profiles, manage the cart, etc.

Try the real-time user panel demo to see how it works.

User Panel
User App Main Screen User App

Driver/Provider App

Anyone who is registered with the app to provide taxi/moto ride and delivery services and other on-demand services like beauticians, cleaning, car washing, etc., uses the Gojek Clone Service Provider / Driver App.

This app allows individual service providers to register themselves, accept/decline requests, manage their payments, analyze earnings, check order history, or upcoming orders, etc.

Drivers and providers can also rate the users they've worked with in the past.

App Step By Step Flow

Driver/Provider Panel

The driver/provider web panel provides the convenience of managing a business using a desktop. With the web panel, delivery/taxi drivers or professionals like beauticians, car washers, mechanics, handymen, etc., can manage their businesses, accept/decline requests, track their earnings, and much more.

Additionally, the web panel enables drivers/providers to add their documents, and manage their profiles, payments, and bookings.

Driver/Provider Panel
Store App & Panel

Store App & Panel

The Gojek Clone Script includes a separate Store App and Web Panel for Supermarkets, Restaurants, and other vendors. With this individual app and panel, stores and vendors can easily manage their businesses and orders.

The store app and its web panel, are both integrated with the latest features that enable smooth order and inventory management. Additionally, they can take care of their profits and revenues, edit their profiles, and timings, upload photos/videos of their vendor, and more.

Using the web panel or the iOS/Android store app, vendors can also review their ratings and feedback, enacting which they can improve their business and make more profits.

App Step By Step Flow

Admin Panel

The robust Gojek Clone Admin Panel is designed to help you manage your business, including user/provider profiles, pricing, commissions, subscription plans, and more, from a single dashboard. The admin panel is fully-fledged with every facility you might need to control all the activities happening in your business.

The completely automated admin panel makes it easy to review the documentation uploaded by the provider and learn about user behavior and preferences. One of the many features of the admin panel includes "Heat View," where you can see the areas where the demands are highest. You can also manage marketing activities like curating and sending mass notifications and setting offers & discounts as well.

Admin Panel

Why Choose Us as Your Gojek Clone App Developers?

We are the white-labeling experts who have designed and developed the most advanced and high-quality Gojek Clone App for entrepreneurs just like you. So, if you want to earn profits easily, quickly start a new business, or become successful in no time, we can help you with everything!

Lifetime Licensed Source Code

Lifetime Licensed Source Code

A customizable, lifetime licensed source code is the foundation of your Gojek App. You can use this code to modify the app in the future and adapt to the changing needs of your users.

Strict Non-disclosure Agreement

Strict Non-disclosure Agreement

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients that binds us to our promise to uphold confidentiality and never reveal their identity to anyone. And, we strictly adhere to the agreement no matter what.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We want you to stay ahead of the competition and become the number-one business in your region; thus, we have built our Gojek Clone Script using the latest app development technologies.

Complete White-labeling

Complete White-labeling

The base app is white-labeled from A to Z. Once you purchase the script, experts will re-brand the app with your name and logo, and also integrate the currencies, languages, payment & SMS gateways that you want.

Launch Your Business

Launch Your Own Business With Our Gojek Clone Super App Solution

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