7 New Components Of A Gojek Clone App

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Ask your sales team about the difficulties in turning leads into customers. It might not be as simple as it sounds. You’ve come to the right place if you’re an entrepreneur experiencing trouble launching a profitable business. The key to drawing in more clients is in this essay. Build Gojek clone app using the New 7 Components that are similar to Gojek and have all the components required for successful operation, committed users, and repeat business. Let’s quickly learn what the secret component is.

7 Additional Elements in the Gojek Clone App

Even if you have the most innovative, special, and creative Gojek Clone app, the most important question is always, “What critical problem can your on-demand multi-services app answer”? Today’s voracious mobile consumers ingest the content that your mobile application offers. Even if your smartphone has all the wonderful features, stunning illustrations, and quick operations, apps that speed up and simplify human life will still exceed them.

To stand out from the competition, you must engage in in-depth market research and possess exceptional mobile app development skills. Additionally, ensure that your product is well-crafted and aligned with the market’s specific requirements.

1. Buy, Sell, and Rent Real-estate

The module allows registered users to post their real-estate requirements under the mentioned ten categories. The users interested in buying or renting the property might contact the seller directly. The App admin will generate a generous amount from the Paid Plan Package that allows the users to post their requirements under a “Premium” post. Thus improving visibility and leads.

2. Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

The registered users will be able to post their vehicle requirements wishing to rent or sell. The Admin can alter ten categories under which users can publish their ads from the backend.

The App Admin will earn from the paid plan packages offered to the users to improve their post visibility and get quality leads.

3. Buy, Sell, and Rent Generalized Items

The module enables buyers who are looking to sell common items like furniture, toys, electronics, appliances, stationery, and more to do so at a lower price. Using the provided contact information, the appropriate buyer will get in touch with you and finish the transaction if necessary.

By putting their ads in the Premium Category, a premium plan package designed to increase visibility, the seller has the opportunity to generate more leads and streamline and accelerate the sales process.

4. Medical Services

Several requests to integrate this component have been received, and it has been carefully considered. Your users can speak with the Medical Professionals to make an appointment or set one up. They can also consult online with medical professionals and ask their queries them. Other services include on-demand access to blood banks, on-demand ordering of prescription medications, veterinary services, physiotherapists, and more.

There will be commissions paid to each service. The element will promote your on-demand company after delivering on its guarantee.

5. Explore Nearby Businesses 

Customers may easily identify neighboring landmarks in an unfamiliar region, which is one of its unique benefits. The user may easily search and select nearby Stores, Shopping malls, Salons, entertainment, Cafes, Nightlife, Spas, etc. with just a few taps.

6. Track your family members/employees

It has been quite beneficial for folks to feel at ease knowing that their family members have been protected thanks to this amazing service.

Using Google Maps, users may track family members and employers can track workers who are on the field during working hours. But, to get the tracking, they must install the software on their devices. The option to disable the feature when not in use is also included.

7. Carpooling

The user can publish information about their trip, the number of available seats, and the fee per seat using the carpooling module. Other users will contact the driver or owner of the car who best suits their travel needs.

Allowing clients to carpool gives them the option to split the cost of their travel. This part of your program will give you a competitive edge by addressing the escalating fuel issues and the demanding daily travel.

By linking your customers with other people who are using the same routes, this peer-to-peer carpooling module helps them meet their travel needs. A practical, affordable, and long-term solution to this issue is to boost traffic. 

The aforementioned parts were recently created and are intended to offer your on-demand business the boost it needs.

Nevertheless, the Super App will provide you access to a taxi booking app that is an Uber knockoff and enables you to offer on-demand taxi services while you’re on the go. With that, you can access rental services, taxi pooling, motorcycle rides, and taxi rentals. Additional services include store-based delivery options for your clients, such as on-demand delivery services. Services available on demand, package delivery, delivery genies or runners, service bids, and online video consultations.

Final Thoughts

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