Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023: Best On-demand Business Idea

gojek clone

If you ask people what they prefer the most – ordering everything online or going out to get what they want, well, most will choose the first option. This change in the shopping behavior of customers has given on-demand service apps a skyrocketing popularity. That’s one reason why every entrepreneur wants to launch Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023. 

The concept of an on-demand app like Gojek says that if you offer the best services to customers, they will pay, and purchase from your frequently! 

Whether you are looking for starting an on-demand taxi or delivery business, instant video consulting, same-day plumbing services, etc., the Gojek-like app is the solution. 

Your users will be able to get all of this in just a few clicks. 

What Is an On-demand Service App? 

An on-demand service application like Gojek empowers users to book multiple services. Such an app makes it easier for users to order something or book a service without leaving their comfort zones. 

Moreover, these apps minimize users’ efforts. Here are some popular services that you can offer with a Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023. 

Buy, sell, and rent properties 

The service enables your app users to buy, sell, and rent properties, be they residential or commercial. 

Users can sell apartments, industrial lands, showrooms, shops, farmhouses, etc. on the app. Also, they can purchase a paid plan if they wish to increase the visibility of their listing. 

This will help them to get more leads quickly. 

Buy, sell, and rent cars 

Like properties, users can also buy, sell, and rent used cars. Anyone who wants to sell their car/vehicle can post a listing along with its photos and videos. 

Users also need to add the resale or renting price for user reference. 

Buy, sell, and rent general items 

Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 enables users to buy, sell, and rent furniture for the home, heavy machinery, lawn & garden tools, etc 

In brief, they can buy, sell, and rent general items easily via the mobile app. Moreover, interested buyers can easily contact the seller by submitting an Inquiry Form. 


It is a peer-to-peer service where users can list their rides (long-distance) and offer others to book a seat and share a ride. 

The user posting the ride gets to decide the price per seat that they want to charge. Also, they can provide instructions for other users traveling with them. 

On-demand medical services 

Here, your users can book on-demand medical services in no time. They will be able to get medical assistance right at their doorsteps. 

Under the service component, your users will be able to book appointments/visits at doctor’s clinics, order medicines, book an ambulance, video consult with doctors, etc. 

Track family members and employees 

Another cool service available in the Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 is live location tracking. 

Here, users are able to track their close ones’/employees’ location on the map. The live tracking facility enables them to see where they are, which route they are headed to, and so on. 

This service component is best from the viewpoint of keeping in check close one’s security or an employee’s productivity during the fieldwork. 

Explore nearby businesses 

Using this app, your users can also explore nearby businesses such as cafes, malls, spas, salons, hospitals, and so on. 

This makes it easy for them to locate everything important near them. Additionally, they get the option to call the business, view their store timings, book a taxi, or order something online from there. 

In Conclusion: 

Now do you know why Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023 is the best business solution for you to invest in, why are wasting your time? 

Don’t fall for white-labeled solutions that are mere scams. Trust a white-labeling firm that has already launched more than a thousand different apps, have a global clientele and are running the business for more than 10 years. 

Remember, only the industry leaders will have the technology to build the right on-demand service app for you!