Building a Profitable Business with Gojek Clone

profitable business with gojek clone

Most app developers and App owners could struggle to break even, let alone make a profit, with over 6 million apps available on the App Store and Google Play! It’s never a simple chore to plan to create an app around a concept you believe will either significantly increase value in the relevant markets or significantly increase the entertainment value. Building Gojek Clone App can help you attain higher visibility and secure your position in the top brand names in On-demand Industry. However, the thing is there are plenty of similar app solutions available, but the real struggle is getting customers’ attention.  Deep market research and exceptional On-demand Multi-services App development skills are require to distinguish out from the competition. Make sure your Super App is well-made and suited to the needs of the market.

The demand for on-demand services is at an all-time high. With so many entrepreneurs attempting to launch their On-Demand Multi-Services businesses, it’s critical to strategize correctly so that your revenue can skyrocket.

Best Strategies For Growing Your Multi-Services Business

If you plan to purchase your Gojek clone app and use it to expand your multi-service business, be sure to give the following strategies considerable thought:

Adding the most cutting-edge features to your Gojek Clone Super App

The On-demand Multi-services App comprises of Face ID or Touch ID to sign in. These AI-Powered Login Methods are a lot safer, more secure, and more useful than having to remember Usernames and Passwords.

Additionally, it comes equipped with Two progressive components:

1. Bid for Services

With the help of this function, your customers can post their “Task” requirements under the “Service Bid” component. This feature allows the user to accomplish their tasks within the said budget and deadline quickly. This includes popular categories like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, home cleaners, and sanitizing and disinfecting specialists.

The consumer then chooses the BEST BID based on their budget and the internet evaluations for their selected handyman! The user merely needs to click the “POST” button after filling out a form with the necessary details for the task being.

2. Online Video Consultation

Users now have the option to book an instant online video consultation with a physician, tutor, lawyer, yoga instructor, mental health professional, or even an astrologer. The user’s previously saved payment card will be automatically charged the consultation cost after the session is over. Just bear in mind that it is not permitted to directly video call a field expert using the app. Only licensed service providers may start the conversation.

Equip Your App With The Novel Tech-advanced Features & Components

The KINGX 2022 App provides login using Face ID or Touch ID. iOS app users can log in using Face ID, whereas Android app users must place their finger on the Scanner to log in.

These AI-Powered Login Methods are far safer, more secure, and more convenient than remembering Usernames and Passwords.

Partner it with a globally reputable white-labeling firm that offers pre-built Gojek clone apps that have been thoroughly market-tested and are bug-free because all previous flaws have been fixed.

Additionally, it offers services like Uber-type taxis, rental and taxi pools, food, grocery, and other store-based delivery orders, and sends anything (Parcel delivery). As a result, your users won’t need to download multiple apps to access a variety of daily necessities. Additionally, it includes services like Hire Genie or Runner and On-Demand that let your consumer send and receive things inside of the municipal borders. establishing connections with services like carpenters, plumbers, salons, car washes, dog walkers, babysitters, tutors, lawyers, and other handymen.

Adding The Twist To Your Gojek Clone App With 7 New Components

These are awesome, well-crafted, and well-thought components that were imbibed after hearing clients’ feedback, their challenges, their customer’s changing preferences, and marketing trends.

1. Buy, and Sell Real Estate

Users can utilize this component to publish their real estate requirements for sale. Users that match the real estate requirements can connect with the seller for further conversation. There are ten categories covered by this, including residential, home or villa, warehouse or godown, residential land, industrial building, service apartments, farmhouse, shop or showroom, and industrial shed. From the Admin Panel Section, the Admin may change up to 10 real estate categories. As the app’s owner, you can make money by posting paid plan packages that your customers will buy to have their real estate listings “Featured.” The Free plan is also available for a set time frame adjusted by the admin.

2. Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

This component allows the customers to post their vehicle requirements for sale, and renting purposes. Users finding their car match can contact the seller to discuss the sale/renting requirements.

The component includes 10 categories which are dynamic and can be changed by the Admin through the Admin panel. It includes hatchbacks, luxury cars, SUVs, MUVs, convertibles, sports, sedans, and cargo trucks. 

Both free and premium plans can be offered by app administrators. The app admin will earn a substantial profit when the customers buy Paid Plan to get their Ad in the Featured category.

3. Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Users will be able to post descriptions of items they are selling or renting. Buyers and renters can view the listings and contact the sellers.

The app’s administrator has published paid and free plans for users to choose from. Those who subscribe to the subscription plan can list their things in a “featured” category. This way the app owner will earn hefty fees and the users will benefit from better visibility and more inquiries.

4. Rideshare/ Carpool

It is a peer-to-peer component that gives your users to do carpooling. It is a wise choice to address the growing fuel problems and the difficulties of daily commuting. 

The component will meet all of the users’ travel requirements by connecting them with other drivers who are using the same routes. Vehicle owners who have registered as users may submit information about their itinerary and the cost per seat. Users will evaluate the parameters of the journey and reserve a seat as required.

For each carpooling ride that is scheduled via the app, you will receive a sizable commission. so producing a big revenue.

5. On-demand Medical Services

Using on-demand medical services, your users may find pharmacies, ambulance services, and doctors nearby instantly. By hitting a button, your users can schedule in-person or online clinical appointments with the preferred listed doctors, participate in online video consultations, and have their medications delivered to their homes.

6. Track your family and employees 

On a Google Map, your users will be able to see where their family members and colleagues are right now.

This app must be installed for the tracking feature to work for both family members and employees. Once installed, it will allow other family members and employers to view trip activity in real-time-time. However, unless the settings are “Enabled,” the functionality will not display the tracking in real time. The other user receives a notification that the preferences have been “Disabled” and are no longer tracking after the user “Disables” them.

7. Explore your Nearby Businesses

Your users will have access to information about the businesses in the region they are presently traveling. 

When passing by the location, for example, your user can browse through all the businesses displayed along with their basic information. Places like,

  • Cafes
  • Nightlife
  • Gyms
  • Shopping
  • Spas
  • Malls
  • Pubs and Salons are just a few examples of the categories included in this component.

Businesses who want to put their businesses on the app can choose from free or premium plan packages, according to the app administrator. Open-ended Categories are used in this component. The Admin Panel in this part allows you, the app’s owner, to add up to 10 companies and services.

Things To Consider When Building A Super App Offering 101+ Services

Make ordering services simple.

Expecting your users to understand how to use an app is impractical. Complexity may damage the reputation of your software, leading users to give it poor or no ratings.

The All-in-One Service App Solution’s navigation must be engaging while remaining simple enough for your users to understand and place orders.

The entire process must be simple and painless, from logging in to perusing the services, placing orders, and checking the status. You won’t need to worry about user experience if you utilize Our On-Demand Multi-service Script solution to create your Super App.

Attending to user feedback

There will probably be some negative evaluations and remarks. The most crucial element is how you respond to criticism to get better. If your customers are complaining about a frequent issue, it is obvious that the issue needs to be fixed.

These reviews will be viewed by potential customers, who will decide whether or not to download or use the app services after doing the research. 

Offer them apps in their native languages and currencies

One of the best ways to improve the popularity of your software is to localize it for many different languages and currencies. Performance can be enhanced by adding local language support to your software along with English and USD (American Dollar).

You may easily launch your app over the world with the help of a reputed app development company’s 25 multilingual and currency settings.

Promoting app offering promo codes and loyalty programs

Freebies, discounted deals, promo offers, and loyalty programs are surefire ways to pique your users’ interest.

“100% OFF Delivery Promo Codes”, “Location-base Promo Codes”, and “Location-base Push-notifications”  are well-craft features that are now available with the App.

In Conclusion

The goal of this ready-to-use on-demand solution is to simplify your daily activities.

With 101+ On-Demand Multi-Services and new features and functionality, you may grow your business quickly. Partner with a reliable app development company to receive the best Gojek clone Mega App. The simplest and most economical method to increasing brand recognition and long-term success.

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